Thursday, March 10, 2011

Tough Chik vs Shannon

When I started this blog, I started it as a way to promote my business. It was going to be a marketing tool and written from the company's, Tough Chik, perspective. The more posts I write, the more it is from my, Shannon, perspective. It has been difficult to figure out if this should come from Shannon or Tough Chik. Tough Chik is well...tough and the more I write I think, "Should THE Tough Chik struggle through a 5 mile run?" (it was very hilly :)

My conclusion is that Shannon is Tough Chik and Tough Chik is Shannon. So, Hi I am Shannon and I am the owner and designer of Tough Chik. I am not an ex-athlete like most of my competition and to be honest I started cycling about 10 years ago (3 seriously) and running about 3 years ago as well. I don't win races, but I love to enter them. I consider myself a cyclist, I am currently training for a 545 mile, 7 day ride from San Francisco to Los Angeles. After my ride in June, I plan on entering my first Triathlon.

The whole mission of Tough Chik is that we are all tough and should be proud regardless of your PR, splits or cadence. So the fact that I am not an authority on training, nutrition or health doesn't mean I can't talk about my experiences. Like most of you, I work, I have a family and I try live a healthy and active life. Sometimes I do a better job than others, but I work hard at it.

With that being said, here are my Shannon/Tough Chik's ABC's
* (A) Age: 34

* (B) Bed Size: Queen

* (C) Chore You Really Dislike: Cleaning

* (D) Dogs: Cosmo-a 5yr old terrier mix

* (E) Essential Start To Your Day: coffee - I am addicted :( and breakfast, I wake up hungry

* (F) Favorite Color: Purple

* (G) Gold or Silver: yes, I will take either!

* (H) Height: 5'8

* (I) Instruments You Play: none

* (J) Job Title: Business owner

* (K) Kids: only the four legged variety (Matty and Kramer below and Cosmo above - See D)

* (L) Live: Mission Viejo, CA (South Orange county)

* (M) Mom's Name: Sandy

* (N) Nicknames: Shanny

* (O) Overnight Hospital Stays: 2 nights when I fractured my arm (See post January 29th)

* (P) Pet Peeve: Slow drivers, Vegetarians who eat fish or chicken (pssst you aren't a vegetarian)

* (Q) Quote From A Movie: "I was where near your neighborhood."

* (R) Right or Left Handed: Right

* (S) Siblings: 1 younger brother

* (T) Time You Wake Up: between 7 and 8, I am NOT a morning person

* (U) Underwear: yes, unless I am wearing cycling shorts, then NO!

* (V) Vegetable You Dislike: I pretty much love them all.

* (W) What Makes You Run Late: On the rare occasion I am late (I am chronically early) traffic, I do live in LA

* (X) X-Rays: So many of my arm, I can't even begin to count, teeth, sinuses

* (Y) Yummy Food You Make: Ummm, I cook a lot and pretty much think it is all pretty yummy. I have been known to do some fun stuff with Tempeh and I love to bake. The issue is, I love to eat baked goods. Hence I don't bake!

* (Z) Zoo, Favorite Animal: Monkeys, I can watch them for hours. We share so many of the same mannerisms.

Well, that is me A to Z!
Shannon/Tough Chik


  1. Let's hear it for the chronically early! (Then the slow divers don't matter as much.)

  2. You are Tough Chik and I can see how it's hard to make them two separate entities. You can do both!!

    Great ABC's and I think you need to share some of those tempeh recipes...especially for those of us new to tempeh!! :D

    Love the vegetarian comment too!! LOL

  3. Hehe, I claim to be a vegetarian even though I know I'm actually a pescatarian :) Good luck on your ride and your triathlon! You are a tough chik Shannon :)

  4. Haley, at least you know the difference! Some of the gals in the "OC" just like to say that they are vegetarian because it is cool. Then they order the tuna. "Fish isn't meat" my response, "Then what is it?" Ugh!

  5. Ha! Love the vegetarian comment. As a pescatarian (who feels the need to explain that there is such a thing to EVERYONE), I totally had to laugh at that ...

  6. Awesome post! I understand the vegetarian comment, hence I refer to myself as a pescatarian and TMB@Racing with Babes also feels the same way. But I would love to hear your tempeh recipes! You sound like me with tofu. I can do wonders with tofu. And well, you are a Tough Chik and represent all it is...a tough chik doesn't have to be an elite athlete and that's what makes me love your company!!!

  7. i love this post so much! i am excited that you are going to give triathlon a try!! and wow! what a bike trip. thanks for posting and sharing!

  8. I love this post Shannon!! I could watch the monkeys all day too - they have the best personalities, and remind me of my kids. hahaha!!