Monday, March 28, 2011

My Points System

Before you get too excited about my new points system, let preface me this by saying it has nothing to do with training, protein or reducing is much better!

I was a Tough Chik way back when, old skool TC, OGTC (original gangsta tough chik - for those not into 90's rap), you get the point. I was a chubby, slow and a very nonathletic kid. I hated P.E., I was always the first out in dodge ball, wayyyy out field in soft ball, but my stalky build was an asset in Red Rover! But I had a secret weapon, my points system.

When I was 12 tragedy hit my family. I am not going to go into great detail as to what happened, it isn't important. But my life was turned upside down. As you know, life at 12 is hard no matter what is going on at home, especially if you are a chubby, awkward little girl. Your whole world is your peer group at school and it always seem like they have it all. Jamie is more popular, Katy's parents have more money, Tara has cuter clothes, Jenny has a get the point.

Here is where my point system came into play. Now as an adult I can look back on the point system and see it was a remarkable way for a 12 year old child to cope. I believe that we all start and end life with the same number of points, for arguments sake let's say 100. During life's ups and downs you earn and loose points. You are in a bad earn 5 points. You get a great lose 5 points. So during my tragic years, I was earning points that I was going to cash in someday. It was my way of saying we all have our ups and downs.

I shared my points system theory with a good friend as she was going through a rough time and she really seemed to like the idea that she was earning points. We recently had dinner and she told me that my points system really helped her through her tough time. I was floored that my silly little childish system helped an adult. As I started to really think about the system and realized it was pretty ingenious for a 12 yr old.

I thought I would share it with you, maybe you need a point or two right now! I hope you have a great week!


  1. i really like that. I'm pretty sure I'm going to need to use your "OGTC" - maybe "OGTM" you know, the original gansta tough mom

  2. First I love how you were OGTC. Second, I'm glad you shared the point system cause with all the chaos going on in my life I feel like I've racked up 50 points right now, ha.

  3. such a great, great post. you and i shared the same childhood. this is really neat and yes, quite a thought for a 12 year old. you are awesome!