Thursday, December 16, 2010

Weather Wennie

Hi, my name is Shannon.  I am a weather weenie. 

Wow, that was hard to admit, but it is true.  In the 7 years since moving from Texas to southern California, I have morphed into the very person I mocked in those first few years of Coastal living.  It drove me crazy to hear people complaining that it was "freezing" outside.

"You are aware that in order for it to be freezing, the temperature must drop to 32 degrees?" I would quip. 

As I mentioned, I am not from Fargo or Buffalo.  I realize that Houston, Texas isn't exactly the frozen tundra, but at least I could tolerate 55 degrees without the dramatics that go along with those types of temperatures here in sunny SOCAL. 

This phenomenon occurred on the other end of the thermometer as well.  I had zero tolerance of Californians complaining of the heat during an 85 degree day.  No sympathy from me until the temperature breaks the triple digits at a very minimum....don't even get me started with humidity. 

"I spent 20 years in Houston.  I know humid, this is not it."  I would say smugly, almost as if my tolerance for wider temperature ranges made me superior to native and otherwise naturalized Californians.

Fast forward 7 years. 

Tomorrow is supposed to be my first lake swim and transitions practice.  I don't own a tri suit or any other cold water apparel.  The high at the lake tomorrow is supposed to be a fairly unacceptable 61 degrees, and I have spent my entire swim life (all 8 weeks of it) in a heated pool.  The thought of swimming in a 50-something degree lake is a little unnerving to say the least.  The idea that my balmy weather-assimilated body will soon be exposed to such arctic temperatures is down right terrifying.  Top that off with the thought of jumping in and out of the lake to practice transitioning has catapulted me into full panic mode.  There is no way I can perform under these conditions, so with much shame, I asked my trainer if we could practice in the pool for another few weeks.  Just until the weather cooperated a little more.  Everyone knows that people have expired from any number of respiratory afflictions in such frigid, 60 degree temperatures like what I am facing tomorrow.

My name is Shannon and I am, in fact, a weather weenie...

Friday, December 3, 2010

Jealous much?

I have been asked speak at an event this weekend.  I am a product sponsor, so in return I "get" a few minutes to pitch my product line to a captive audience.  When you are a small business on a shoe string budget, you will take any free advertising!  My husband is on the road (as usual) and we were discussing what I was going to talk about.  If you have read my post on how I became a Tough Chik, then you get the gist of my spiel.  Marc said, "and make sure you talk about your wreck!"

On January 29th I feel off my bike and suffered a compound fracture in my right forearm. (but that is for another post)  Subsequently I have 2 scars, one either side of my forearm and a little scar where the bone escaped.  One is about 6 inches long and the other is about 8 inches long.  On many occasions Marc has requested that I show my scars to anyone and everyone.  The guy at the bike shop, a Tough Chik customer at a tri, co-workers, gardeners, really any time cycling or injuries come up in conversation, he makes me pull up my sleeve.  Trust me, we talk cycling A LOT, so this is a frequent occurrence.

It dawned on me during this conversation that I think he is jealous of my scars.   I think he has a touch of scar envy.  Now don't get me wrong, he has his fair share.  I don't think anyone who has spent any considerable amount of time on a mountain bike can escape without a few war wounds. But none of his are from surgery, so they aren't nearly as impressive as mine.  That or he is proud his wife is "hard core".  Probably a little of both, although it does make me a little uncomfortable at times.  Some people don't want to see my scars and think scars in general are kind of yuck.  This is a concept that seems to be foreign to him.

I have a brunch on Sunday with a cycling group, I should just wear short sleeves.
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