Friday, December 3, 2010

Jealous much?

I have been asked speak at an event this weekend.  I am a product sponsor, so in return I "get" a few minutes to pitch my product line to a captive audience.  When you are a small business on a shoe string budget, you will take any free advertising!  My husband is on the road (as usual) and we were discussing what I was going to talk about.  If you have read my post on how I became a Tough Chik, then you get the gist of my spiel.  Marc said, "and make sure you talk about your wreck!"

On January 29th I feel off my bike and suffered a compound fracture in my right forearm. (but that is for another post)  Subsequently I have 2 scars, one either side of my forearm and a little scar where the bone escaped.  One is about 6 inches long and the other is about 8 inches long.  On many occasions Marc has requested that I show my scars to anyone and everyone.  The guy at the bike shop, a Tough Chik customer at a tri, co-workers, gardeners, really any time cycling or injuries come up in conversation, he makes me pull up my sleeve.  Trust me, we talk cycling A LOT, so this is a frequent occurrence.

It dawned on me during this conversation that I think he is jealous of my scars.   I think he has a touch of scar envy.  Now don't get me wrong, he has his fair share.  I don't think anyone who has spent any considerable amount of time on a mountain bike can escape without a few war wounds. But none of his are from surgery, so they aren't nearly as impressive as mine.  That or he is proud his wife is "hard core".  Probably a little of both, although it does make me a little uncomfortable at times.  Some people don't want to see my scars and think scars in general are kind of yuck.  This is a concept that seems to be foreign to him.

I have a brunch on Sunday with a cycling group, I should just wear short sleeves.
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  1. You have to admit that scar healed pretty well. That Mar 2010 is pretty gnar. Hey, check out I just launched it yesterday so who knows what's going to happen but if there is anything I can do (like put up a banner or something) let me know.

  2. I think maybe it is a little of both but mostly I think he likes to show off his super tough wife.

  3. I just read these, I am little slow with this blogging thing. Patrick - yes, they did heal nicely & I am very lucky. I love EAP and have had some bloggers contact me.

    Mol- You are so sweet! xoxo ps, you are super tough too!