Thursday, March 24, 2011

My crazy race schedule!

April is a crazy month for me:
4/2-3 - Carlsbad 5000 - Carlsbad, CA
4/14-17 - Sea Otter Classic - Monterey, CA
4/28-29 - Iron Girl Triathlon - Lake Las Vegas, NV
4/30 - 5/1 - Whiskey Off Road - Prescott, AZ (tentative)

Here is the issue, I am not actually racing in any of them, I am working at the expo. I love, love, love working expos. It is the best part of my job. Getting to connect with the customer and meeting y'all is the best. What it is not good for is my training schedule. All of this traveling makes it hard to train and watch the diet. Each event is a lot of work, early hours and standing for up to 12 hrs a day. It can be exhausting. We try to bring in our own food, but you end up snacking all day and not eating a "real" meal until late that evening.

Since I am training for a long endurance ride, I need to spend as much time on my bike as possible. Maybe I can bring my trainer and bike to the tent and spin while I sell, what do you think? I would really be living the brand! LOL

If you are going to be at any of these event, please stop by to see us! I will be the crazy lady on her bike!

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  1. Haha! You should totally bring your bike! I'm still debating the Vegas Iron Girl... I've been thinking about it since your other post. If I go I'll bring you a clif bar or something for a healthy snack, lol.