Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Ok, Ok, I was wrong...

I was going to post my final thoughts on ALC, and I still plan on that, but I had to get this out there.

I was wrong.

I don't like to admit that I was wrong, I mean..who does? But in this case I am freely admitting that I WAS WRONG, WAY WRONG!!!

I grossly underestimated the pain and recovery time of wisdom teeth removal. Yeah, sorry it isn't anything more dramatic like I was wrong about Global Warming or Organic Produce. I was wrong when I thought I could get my wisdom teeth yanked on Friday and be cool by Sunday, Monday at the latest. So here I sit on Wednesday morning, eating my umteenth bowl of oatmeal on a strict regime of Vicodin and prescription strength Motrin. (don't get too excited, it is barely enough to take the edge off of my aching jaw)

On the ALC ride, in passing I mentioned to my hubs that I was getting my wisdom teeth pulled on the following Friday.

Marc: "What!"
Me: "I am getting my wisdom teeth pulled, are you going to be around? I might not be able to drive home.."
Marc: "What! No, you won't be able to drive home and yes I will be around."
Me: "It is just teeth, I have had teeth pulled before and it was no big deal. I will be fine."
Marc: "Oh, okay..." (in a voice like I am crazy...)
(scene goes to black)

Fast forward one week to dentist office
Receptionist: "Are you scared?"
Me: "No."

X-Ray Tech: "Are you scared?"
Me: "No."

Dental Assistant: "Are you scared?"
Me: "No? Should I be"

Friday was a blur, I think I was awake about 8 hours all day. Saturday I woke up to cheeks like a Chipette and headache that would put any Champagne hangover to shame.

Finally after I broke down on Monday night, (I haven't been able to work out since the Ride! I had severe tendonitis in my knee after the ride and then this, so NO physical activity in over a week and a half and the pain meds might make me emotional) my husband looked at me and said what did you think that it was going to be like?

I don't know really, I guess I just thought that when I had my teeth pulled in junior high (baby teeth pulled for braces) it wasn't that big of a deal. I thought after emergency surgery on my arm with 2 metal plates and 24 screws, teeth weren't that big of a deal. I guess I just didn't think.

My husband was baffled. See, I research everything and it is very unlike me to not have this all planned out. The surgery its self, the recovery time, etc. I didn't spend any time researching any aspect of the procedure.

I am still in a lot of pain, is this normal? Have you ever had this procedure and still in a lot of pain 6 days later? I have a post op appointment on Friday, so hopefully I can find out what is going on.


  1. I had my wisdom teeth removed two weeks ago. My swelling and bruising went away after 4 days. The bony lumps on my jaw line are just now going away. My stitches dissolved after just over a week. I was taking Vicodin at night for well over a week! I'm feeling good enough now to eat solid foods, but I'm not because everything gets stuck in the holes and in my gum line, which leaves a repulsive taste in your mouth. I'm flushing them out with the syringe all day long! Besides that, I now have a gaping black hole where they didn't stitch it well enough. It feels uncomfortable and freaks me out, but doesn't hurt. I shouldn't have waited until I was 30!!! Happy healing!!!

  2. I had my wisdom teeth removed like 7 yrs ago... I don't remember much about my recovery. They must've given me good pain pills, lol. Feel better soon!

  3. When I had mine pulled a few years ago it really was no big deal. I didn't want to be put under, I didn't want anything stronger than hi-dose Tylenol and I went for a run that afternoon. No one believed that I wasn't in any pain. The surgeon and my dentist called me like twice each going "Are you sure you're OK?" and stuff like that.

    Yet I still hate getting or having blood-work done. I have no idea why the teeth where any different.

    And yeah, to your ?? I wear cycling socks all the time...

  4. Getting your wisdom teeth pulled as a young adult (think ages 17-21) when most do it, is a lot easier because as we age, those teeth become part of our jaw and fuse into the bone. Once those teeth have been there a while it can be a little more traumatic to the body. And everyone is different too-some are impacted, some are not...
    I was in my late 20's when I finally had mine done (they did not bother me until I was older and they were impacted) and my face swelled up SO BAD and yes, I was very uncomfortable for several days. I also had what they call "bony spicules" coming out of my gums for weeks after--that would be shards of jaw bone shaped like spikes that worked their way out of the gums after the teeth were ripped out of my jawbone. Nice visual huh??
    Take it easy and make sure to call your DOC if anything seems out of the ordinary.

  5. Ditto Jen. I had those bony parts emerging out of my mouth like a shark too. Not fun. I don't remember being in much pain though... but it wasn't fun. Do the saline rinses! That is my advice to you. If they say rinse with salt water, then DO IT!. I didn't and they took a long time to heal and food would get caught in the pocket. I hope you feel better soon....