Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Change VS Routine

My husband would always tease me that I hate change. "Woooo, change...baaaddd..." And I recently had an Ahh Haa moment (Oh, Oprah...I miss you so!) and discovered that it isn't that I hate change, that isn't it at all. I moved to LA from Dallas not knowing a soul or even vising the state with my husband of 6 months with a smile and excitement. I left a 9 to 5 (maybe not by choice) to start my own business with optimism and enthusiasm. These are not the actions of someone who is afraid of change. I have attacked new sports like a wild, crazed woman...I mean the San Francisco Full Marathon was my first race ever (not even a 5K). Ok, so maybe I am a smidgen insane.

The fact is that I strive on routine. I am at my best professionally, physically and athletically when I have a routine. Even though I had a soul crushing 9 to 5 desk job, it was a ridged schedule where I woke up at the same time, had a morning snack, lunch and afternoon snack and a gym routine. Now that I am running a business and my schedule is a little more flexible, you would think that this new freedom would be liberating...not to me...

I like lists, schedules, expectations and agendas. Some may call this organized or Type-A or (the less appealing) anal but it is me. I was discussing this with my mom and she said it is the way I have always been. She has always referred to me as "cautious", especially as a child. One of her favorite stories is that when she had her first meeting with my kindergarten teacher, the teacher told her that they were concerned with me because I didn't really play with the other kids on the playground...I just stood by and watched. My mom told the teacher not to worry, I was just checking everything out and I would be out there when I felt comfortable. Which was true, a few weeks into the school year, I was just another kid on the playground.

I don't really know if that cautious personality has anything to do with my love of routine, but they are two big aspects of my personality. Even when I am on vacation, I am always happy to get back to my routine, my food, my bed, my schedule. Don't get me wrong, I love time off and I don't go into a tail-spin if something interrupts my day, I just find comfort in structure.

As summer begins and all of your kids are off, how has your routine changed? Do you thrive on routine like me or are you more of a free spirit? I have a theory that folks that participate in runs, races, triathlons, etc. tend to be like me..."a little type-a". I think we are attracted (or not intimidated by) the rigors of training. Thoughts???


  1. Oh yes, very type A here too. I'm good with change but I love my routine. Summer is tough because I need to reshuffle and make sure my workout is done before the kids are up.

  2. I think I'm the opposite, lol. Routine feels constricting to me (and at the same time change kinda scares me, lol). Everytime I've started a training program I've quit a week into it because I prefer being more spontaneous. However, since having kids we NEED routine no matter how much I despise it, lol. And summer has messed up our routine big time, the kids have been whining non stop about when can they go to school. They hate summer vacation!

  3. I'm a recovering type "A" with a flexible schedule, striving for a balance.

  4. I like routine with the kids for sure. When they don't have routine, everyone's life is miserable. As far as myself? If I change my routine--I'm good with it, if someone else messes up my routine, I'm pissy.