Saturday, June 4, 2011

Day 0 - Orientation

So today was AIDS/lifecycle orientation or day 0. It should have been an exciting day but we were met by showers and wind in San Francisco and my cold lingers like a bad ex-boyfriend. The mix of wet roads and a hacking cough put a huge damper on my pre-ride excitement. As I write this from my hotel at 7:30PM PST we are ridding out as scheduled even though the local weather man has touted this as "storm watch 2011". We have a lot of drama in CA. Right now it is clear and it hasn't rained for several hours. So tomorrow I plan to ride 86 miles from San Francisco to Santa Cruz. Hopefully I will have service and enough "juice" on my phone to post a message from the road!
Take care and stay tough, I know I am trying to!

Shannon ALC rider 1786

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