Monday, May 9, 2011

186 miles!! a new PR!

Last week I logged 186 miles (183 on the bike) and I am very proud of myself. It was great fun and legs felt strong. I think the combo of more food on the bike, foam rolling and skipping boot camp has help tremendously.

I think a lot of you can relate when I say that cycling has given me some terrible tan lines. I have the typical "farmer" tan and the nice short line across my thighs. But something new happened over the weekend. I could explain it, but photos do a better job.


As TMB would say, AWESOMESAUCE! Now I look like a complete idiot! This happened on my ride Saturday, I thought it would fade...but no. This picture was taken last night and I still look like Rocky Raccoon! Yeah me! I will be wearing a ball cap for the rest of the week!

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  1. I'm really trying not to laugh. But that's funny! And I've totally had that happen before ...

  2. Love your blog- and the tan lines well let's just say mine are just as embarrassing.... I get funny looks at the

  3. missing spots is THE WORST!