Monday, April 11, 2011

My weekend of BIKES and a new addition!

Over the weekend I was either on a bike, in a bike shop or watching cycling on TV. Pretty perfect weekend for a bike freak like me.

ON A BIKE - We had planned on doing the 65 mile group ride with Team OC, but we woke up and it was 39 degrees. The hubs pulled the covers over his head and said "you can go if you want"...ummm okay back to bed. It was very cold and windy, so we did a 35 mile canyon ride, which felt more like 70 miles. The wind was pushing me all over the road and, I don't know how it is possible, but we had either a head wind or a cross wind the whole ride. Never once did we benefit from a tail wind! Sunday was much warmer and less windy! I had wanted to do at least 60 miles, but our route only ended up a 53 miles. A little disappointed that I didn't get to my goal of 60 but my legs felt really good and that has been an issue with me, so I was pleased. Weekend total - 88 miles, 5613 ft of climbing. Week total - 113 miles, 7137 ft of climbing. Yeah I FINALLY made double digits!

WATCHING BIKES - Did you see Paris Roubiax? Wow, it was a pretty hard race to watch if you were one of the cyclist mothers. These guys were crashing right and left. If you don't know much about the race, it is known for its cobblestones. These guys race these rigid bikes over 160 miles of cobbles (it isn't ALL cobblestone...but you get my drift). My arm just ached watching it (see Jan 29th blog to see why)! I have ridden some crappy roads and that sucked, this looked terrible.

And now for the most exciting part of my weekend. My new addition why I spent so much time at my fav bike shop, Out-Spoke-N.

But first, I would like to introduce you to my "family".

If you have been following my blog, you know Pinky.
Say what you want about Specialized, I love Pinky!

Her partner in crime...
Why Elvis? Ummm look at it - those are red spokes my friends! (note: not Hound Dog Elvis, Slurred Speech Elvis)

And for the dirt:

My first FS bike. This poor bike has been through A LOT and still keeps trucking.

My hubs first FS bike, now just hangin'. He built this bike from the frame up.

My hubs current mt. bike, he built this one from the frame up as well and is way too built up from our terrain. This should really be a chair lift bike, but he rides is cross country hence the name Soul Crusher. Every time he takes it out, it crushes his soul and he wonders "why did I build this bike like this?"

AND NOW, drum roll please....

My new bike! Yeah, I can not wait to take her out. We are going to Moab for Easter weekend, where I am sure she will earn a great name there. Hopefully nothing with crush or death or break in it.


  1. OMG!!!! Shannon! I might be in Moab over Easter Wknd too!! We definitely need to meet up :) I go to climb and hubs goes to do the jeep thing.

    Your new bike sure is purty!! Can't wait to hear what you name her :)

  2. beautiful!!!!! congratulations. oh wow. so, so pretty!!

  3. Awesome bikes! Pinky has a twin cousin named Kit :)

  4. wow!! the new one is sic
    i love elvis!!!!! awesome